We are proud to announce the arrival of the EndyMed 3DEEP Radio Frequency machine, which offers both skin tightening and Fractional Skin Resurfacing (FSR).

In a nut shell, this little baby will tighten skin around the lower face, cheeks, jowls, and neck & décolleté by using a process of volumetric heating and collagen stimulation. It provides clinically effective results without pain or downtime for all skin tones & colours resulting in firmer, tighter skin.

RF Skin tightening

£100 per treatment
£450 per 6 treatments (paid in full)


Fractional skin resurfacing

£675 per 3 treatments

Endy Med

  • Effective solutions for skin tightening
  • Tailored treatments to achieve the results you desire
  • Optimal safety with minimal discomfort and no side effects
  • Short treatment with minimal downtime
  • Noticeable immediate improvement, long term results